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As a young child I remember my grandmother sitting and dawning socks.  She would give me a piece of scrap material, a jar of buttons, and a neeedle and thread.  My job was to sew those buttons onto that scrap of material.  Once finished, I would have to cut them off and put them into a jar to be ready for the next time. Later, I learned to sew my PJ's and moomoos.  Throughout my life I have sewed or been around sewing but it wasnt' until I was married that I started quilting.  My first quilt was a star that my mother-in-law had made during the war.  I purchased a wooden frame and begain quilting by hand.   This was the start of it all.  As time passed I wanted to do something that was "fun", so I decided to start making baby quilts.  These were theme oriented where Peter Rabit, Precious Moments, Dragons and much more.  These themes came to life for new moms and their newborns.  As a mother and a school teacher, this gave me and my family an opportunity to be home in the afternoons and enjoy a hobby of sewing and quilting.  

Let me fast forward a little for you.  After many years of back injury and recovery, I decided to get back into something I truly love.  I want to be able to share with you the love of quilting.  

Custom Orders

T-shirt quilts made at Bay Area Quilts.  All sizes and designs available.

Our quilting services will help put those finishing touches on your quilt top that you have put a lot of love into piecing.  Services we offer range from going out to purchase your fabric, backing, sashing , batting, sewing on binding, and much more. 

Prices vary depend upon the amount of custom work needed to complete your project.  

Custom Ordering is done direclty with Becky.

Quilter's Dream batting is used in all quilts unless you provide batting.  

Prices vary depending upon the amount of custom work needed to complete your project.

Please feel free to contact Becky 985.859.1435.

Machines and Materials

Bernina Q24 longarm quilting machine

I love working on Bernina machines so here in my little studio you will find all Bernina. From the Bernina 1230, Bernina B380, Bernina Decco and of course the Bernina Q24 11 foot quilting machine with Q-Matic.  

As a retailer, I am able to provide you with the best pricing on Quilter's Dream batting.   If you find it cheaper, provide the add and I will match that price. I know how hard it is to earn a living, so I work for you within your budget.  I shop sales when possible to help you get the best bang for your buck without compromising the quality of fabric, batting and thread. 


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